ENGLISH New.jpg“For millions of years mankind lived just like the animals; then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination: we learned to talk.”

- Professor Stephen Hawking / Pink Floyd, The Division Bell


The English Department exists to work with parents to develop our boys’ ability and skill with that most marvellous of things, language.   Enhancing their capacity to communicate during each and every term from the Nursery to Form 8, boys at CCCS will learn to listen, speak and write with purpose and clarity; they will encounter the twin universes of fact and literature which are available to them through reading; they will leave us confident and capable young men whose contribution in any situation will be thoughtful, measured and clearly articulated.

In school we will follow a curriculum which introduces, practises, consolidates and tests the right skills at the right stages; we hope and expect that at home this will be paralleled by an environment in which constructive conversation, intelligent argument, rigorous debate - maybe a little bit of writing! - and most of all reading, lots and lots of reading (specifically during these vital years, at least thirty minutes to be spent with a book in the hand for each hour in front of a screen) are actively encouraged … every day.

Thus we will all share in the vital enterprise which is unleashing the power of each and every boy’s imagination.