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Private Independent Day School for Boys 3 - 13 & Girls 3 - 7, Flexi-Boarding for Boys 8 - 13


Outside the classroom, we try to engage with our wider community and offer a positive impact. 


We run a music outreach program where our choristers visit local schools to talk about their lives and help teach the pupils to sing. Each term there is a concert in the Cathedral where our choristers and pupils sing with the children of the schools which they have visited. We hope this involvement leads to a sense of fulfilment and purpose for all participants. More details can be found here.

We take our charitable responsibilities seriously and raise significant amounts of money for local charities, partly through Enterprise Day, when boys very much take the initiative.

We currently work with the following charities:

  •  The Angus Irvine Playing Fields Fund, which supports sport in less advantaged areas of the country.
  • Oxford Mutual Aid, a local charity which offers 170 households food, toiletries, and baby supplies, and delivers nearly 100 emergency food parcels every week.
  • Muscular dystrophy, is the leading charity for over 60 muscle-wasting and weakening conditions.
  • Friends of St Michael's School Uganda, is focused on children, teachers, and staff welfare, and takes a holistic approach to support the education of the circa 1,500 children across the three schools in the rural village of Namunyumya. 

 To arrange a tour of our school and meet with our Headmaster, please contact our Registrar, Laura Kemp, on 01865 242561 or by email.