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Private Independent Day School for Boys 3 - 13 & Girls 3 - 7, Flexi-Boarding for Boys 8 - 13


I am very lucky to work in a place where children succeed every day, whether it be academically, in the sphere of music - for which the School has a national reputation - on the sports field (surely we have one of the most beautiful pitches in England) or culturally, where our position in the heart of Oxford, opposite Christ Church, shapes our pupils.

At CCCS, your child can travel on a journey, beginning in our outstanding Co–ed Nursery and Pre-Prep (ages 2+ to 7 years)  to the senior year of our Prep  School (aged 7-13 years) to realise their true potential.

Do read our latest reviews from our latest reviews from The Good Schools Guide and Muddy Stilettos.

"This Oxford city centre school for boys until 13 years, and girls until end of Year 2, has excellent academics, music oozing from every corner, and stunning off-site facilities"

muddy stilettos.

We are proud of the warm and nurturing ethos of the School. Our friendly school is small enough for everyone to feel part of the CCCS family and intimate enough to ensure that everyone’s needs are individually attended to. I know our boys are very happy and I firmly believe that a happy child will be a successful one.

We offer a rich and challenging curriculum with first-class teaching and small class sizes. We aim to ensure every child gets the best from each lesson and prepare them for entry to leading senior schools. In almost every year over 50% of our leavers obtain awards to senior secondary schools.

In line with Henry VIII’s foundation charter, the School provides the world-famous Choristers for Oxford’s Cathedral, along with two other choirs for Worcester College Chapel and Pembroke College Chapel. The powers of dedication, concentration and maturity displayed by the Choristers inform the attitude of all the boys in the School.

'Bright, curious boys with a musical inclination will thrive at this delightfully warm and eccentric place, rich in both history and charm'

Good schools guide.

Our Christian heritage ensures that we are an open and warm-hearted school and we welcome all families whatever their beliefs and backgrounds.  We provide a secure framework for our pupils’ moral lives, giving them the confidence to thrive in a rapidly changing and exciting world from a position of strength.

We are fortunate to employ highly skilled and motivated teachers who are fluent in Cantonese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Mandarin, Persian (Farsi), Punjabi, Spanish and Russian. The ability to connect and interact with others from different cultures enhances our small community and enables our pupils to gain a greater appreciation of other ethnicities.

Please do come and visit us – I would be delighted to meet you and proud to give you a taste of our wonderful school. We look to the future with confidence and ambition.




“It’s a lovely school, with caring and brilliant teachers who are fantastic with the boys.”

School parent.


"When I woke up this morning, I did not realise that this day would be different to any other. After Mr Murray’s Assembly he announced that he would be giving out the Year 8 positions of Leadership. I was very happy for my friends who were awarded Head of Houses and Head of Sport. I was thrilled for Willam who received Deputy Head Boy. When Mr Murray called out my name as Head Boy, I had never felt so happy in all of my life. I could see my parents looking so proud and could hear all of my friends clapping. I feel so privileged to be Head Boy at such a wonderful school and a big thank you to the teachers. I hope to do a fantastic job and be worthy of the choice."          

"It's a small and friendly environment. I know that when we leave our son at School he will be safe."

School parent.

To arrange a tour of our school and meet with our Headmaster, please contact our Registrar, Laura Kemp, on 01865 242561 or by email.