Christ Church Cathedral Chorister Community Outreach Programme

Photo Web2.jpgMusic lies at the core of our School and plays a key role in its life. It belongs to its oldest traditions, stretching back to the foundation of Christ Church in 1546. Singing is therefore central to our ethos and we wish to share this passion. It is also why our School chose to support the Sing Up Outreach Programme, offering volunteer work with primary school children in partnership with the Oxfordshire County Music Service.

Since its inception in 2007, our Cathedral Choristers and the School's Director of Music regularly visit up to 16 participating primary schools and encourage children to sing and to embed singing in their daily lives. All schools involved in the programme then take part in a celebratory end of term concert held in Christ Church Cathedral.

In 2017, Christ Church Cathedral School received the Oxfordshire Community Hub Music Service Award in recognition of its Cathedral Choristers' outreach work over the past decade.

The School had been fortunate to receive Government funding for the initial 5-year period and then continued to fund the Programme from its own means for the following 3 years. However, there were no further resources available beyond the academic year 2014/15.

It was the School's belief and determination that this hugely successful project, which had become an invaluable part of our School's outreach, should remain so in years to come.

With that in mind, a fund has been established to serve this purpose and financial help is now being sought from our community's supporters. Their generosity helps us to ensure that future generations of primary school children will continue to enjoy this unique way of music teaching and benefit from the same experiences and opportunities as their predecessors.

In line with the School's development programme Thinking of Our Tomorrows, the School's long term objective is to establish an endowment fund of approximately £1,000,000, generating an annual income of around £30,000+ that would, apart from other areas, cover the relevant part of the operating costs of the Outreach project in perpetuity.

In the interim, Christ Church Cathedral School is seeking external funding of £7,500 per annum for a period of one or more years to cover the cost of the vocal animateur from the Oxfordshire County Music Service and the transportation of all the primary school children to and from Christ Church Cathedral for the concerts (and other logistics).

Christ Church Cathedral School will continue to fund the cost of its Director of Music, preparation and rehearsals, the use of its Choristers, administration, printed music and travel to and from the primary schools. Christ Church Cathedral School is hugely grateful to Christ Church for the funding of the Cathedral Organist and Sub-Organist and for providing Christ Church Cathedral as the venue for the School's Outreach concerts free of charge.