Pupil Enhancement Fund (Annual Fund)

tom quad 500 x 300.jpgGifts to the Annual Fund are put to use immediately and help us to finance projects that directly enhance our pupils' educational opportunities and experiences, which cannot be funded from the School's annual operating budget. These include national and overseas trips and outings, lessons by external field experts, workshops and other extra-curricular activities, as well as purchases of specialist teaching equipment.

Additionally, the fund provides financial support for current pupils, who have been impacted by the illness or death of a parent, or some other unforeseen events.

By pledging regular donations (monthly, quarterly or annually) at any level, our supporters provide the School with a regular income which enables us to plan effectively for the future. You may not think that a small monthly donation can make a difference, but regular gifts to the Annual Fund are paramount for delivering our core values and help us to ensure that life at our School is always rich and vibrant.