Pastoral Care

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"Relationships with staff are of the highest quality"  ISI Report 2017

All who teach and work at Christ Church Cathedral School consider excellent provision of pastoral care a key factor in our boys’ happiness, enjoyment and success at all levels. It is our fundamental belief that boys should be given every support in order to feel safe, happy and constructively encouraged.

Being a small school, Christ Church Cathedral School is known for its family orientated approach and close cooperation between parents and staff. By working closely together we can ensure that the best can be achieved and that any concerns can be addressed as promptly as possible, whether by talking to the Headmaster at the beginning of each school day or by approaching respective Heads of Departments either in person or by other means.

All boys are looked after by a Form Tutor; all Form Tutors know their pupils well and are able to help with them with their daily school work, deal with any concerns they might have and monitor their academic and social development. The Form Tutors are in close contact with pupils’ parents and ensure that any issues or concerns can be efficiently resolved.

Our School has a welcoming, warm atmosphere. Its pupils are known for their polite manners, tolerance and readiness to help others.

This ethos is clearly visible on every level, be it in the classroom, on the School’s playground where older boys help their younger peers, or at a sporting match against a rival school. It is our determination to maintain this reputation and to ensure that future generations of boys will enjoy the same first-class pastoral and pedagogical care as their predecessors.


'Head says success is due to the ‘family atmosphere – we really know the boys.’ Good Schools Guide 2021.