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Private Independent Day School for Boys 3 - 13 & Girls 3 - 7, Flexi-Boarding for Boys 8 - 13


An excited group of Reception and Form 1 boys set off straight after lunch for an afternoon of full immersion French!

 Our mini French trip didn’t take us too far away, as we only had to walk just around the corner, but, oh how lucky we are to have the Story Museum on our doorstep!

The boys stepped into a magical world of stories, with a variety of play areas arranged and decorated, as you would encounter them in stories.

There was an enormous bed, perfect for all to sit, lie and bounce on (yes, even bounce on!) and a special low-ceilinged, cosy, inviting dark room where stars, a beautiful Crescent Moon and an illuminated rocket lit up the dimness. Here, in wonderstruck silence, we listened to a beautiful French story about a world where in order to speak you had to buy, then swallow, words before you could ‘use’ them. In this world, words were very expensive and indeed, it reminded us that words ‘are like precious stones’ and should be treated with care. The boys had a chance to ‘buy’ and ‘try’ some words at which point all sorts of French words were gobbled up and practiced!

There followed two more familiar stories, in French of course, with plenty of boisterous audience participation as well as a craft activity and some time to play, dress up and explore the enchanting world at the Story Museum.

We all had a marvellous time. Once safely back at school, one little ‘Pre-prepling’ sidled up to me to tell me that he had really, really enjoyed himself.  "Although, Madame Williams, could we please do the whole thing in English next time?” Hmmmm...