Cardinal Scholarships

At the beginning of each academic year CCCS elects a maximum of three Cardinal Scholars from Year 2 applicants.  These boys will take up their scholarships the following September, in Form 3.  The School’s expectations in awarding the scholarships are set out below.

Cardinal Scholars will:

  • Be chosen for high academic potential;
  • Be able to make an all-round contribution to the life of the school;
  • Be in (and remain in) the top quarter of the class;
  • Be in the top teaching sets where applicable;
  • Remain in CCCS to the end of Form 8;
  • Be expected to maintain the standard required to sit entrance tests (and possibly follow the scholarship route) to the more academic senior schools.

The award of a Scholarship will entitle a boy’s parents to a 15% remission on each term’s fees (excluding extras such as music tuition, costs of trips etc).  In the event of his subsequently being elected to a Cathedral Choristership, the remission will be deducted from the parental contribution to a Chorister fee.

CCCS anticipates that there will be considerable kudos for a boy holding such an scholarship, both during his time at the School and when, in due course, his parents apply for a place for him at a senior school; individual achievements always enhance a boy’s profile and are, of course, looked upon favourably.

How To Apply

Parents wishing to enter their son for a Cardinal Scholarship should complete and return the relevant application form available from the School's Registrar