Our Choirs

Choristers.jpgThe original purpose of  Christ Church Cathedral School at its foundation in 1546 by Henry VIII was to provide Choristers for the building that is both chapel of Christ Church and Cathedral of the diocese. We are privileged and proud to maintain the tradition of educating the twenty or so Cathedral Choristers who  are among the most celebrated and admired anywhere in the world.

Our School also provides Choristers to sing in the chapels of Worcester College and Pembroke College during University term-time.  These Choristers are day boys who have a lighter singing commitment than the Cathedral Choristers, but who still uphold the high standards of traditional Anglican choral music. Worcester Choristers sing in two services-a-week and Pembroke Choristers sing in one service-a-week.

All three sets of Choristers make a great contribution to our School as singers and instrumentalists, but equally are to be found making their mark on the sporting and academic life of the School.