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Successful education is, at its heart, about relationships between people. Therefore there is nothing more important for a good education than the teaching staff and I am very proud that we have an extraordinarily able and interesting group of teachers.

Of course staff need to be competent, to have planned their lessons carefully, and do their marking meticulously and at the first possible opportunity - all these things are properly in place - but most crucially they must inspire.

This will only happen if they are devoted to their subjects and if they engage fully with their pupils. Our staff are inventive, passionate and deeply committed to those they teach. A school can have all the facilities and systems in the world; it is only with inspirational teachers that learning will be truly life-changing.

Senior Management Team

Richard Murray, MA (Dunelm)



Peter Albertini, MA (Oxon), CF, PGCE (Worcester), CSBM



Peter Dickinson, BEd (Edgewood College of Education, Natal, South Africa)


Deputy Head

Rebecca Farmer, BEd Hons (Camarthen)


Head of Pre-Preparatory Department

Fiona Fisher, BA Hons (Oxon), PGCE (Oxon)


Director of Studies


Preparatory School


Richard Murray, MA (Dunelm)


Headmaster, Religious Studies

Andrew Bagnall, MBA (Bradford), BA (Lancaster), PGCE (Exeter)


Head of Maths, Form 6

Christopher Bagnall, B.Phil in Education


Design & Technology

Dominic Baillie, BA Joint Hons (Royal Holloway), PGCE (Gloucestershire)


Form 4

Sophie Biddell, MA (Oxon), MSt (Oxon)


Director of Music

David Cotterill, MFA (Oxon), BA (Sheffield)


Head of Pastoral Care, Head of Art & History, Form 8

Peter Dickinson, BEd (Edgewood College of Education, Natal, South Africa)


Deputy Head, Head of Sport and Geography

Alyson Dunbar Morris, BTh Hons (Oxon), PGCE (Brookes), NPQH


History, Head of Learning Support, Form 5

Alexandra Eccles-Williams, Cand Phil Hist (Bern), PGCE (Buckingham)


Teaching Assistant, French

James Farmer, BEd Hons (Carmarthen)



Fiona Fisher, BA Hons (Oxon), PGCE (Oxon)

  Director of Studies, Head of ICT/Computing & PSHE

Stephanie Green, BSc (Dunelm), PGCE MEd (Cantab)


Form 3 

Susannah Leeson


Teacher of EAFL

Stephanie Long


Teaching Assistant

Sophie Loyer, MA (Paris X), CAPES, PGCE


Head of Modern Languages

Abigail McHugh de Clare, MA (Oxon), PGCE (Cantab), MPhil (Cantab)


Head of Humanities

Caroline Oliver, MLitt (St Andrews)


Teaching Assistant

Stephen Potts


Sports (Football) Coach

Nicholas Richards, MA (Edinburgh)


Classics, English

Kathy Schiller, BA Hons (Cantab), PGCE (London)


Maths, Form 7

Charlotte Simpkins, BA (Hons) QTS (Brunel)


Head of Science

Patrick Watson, MA (St Andrews), PGCE (Reading)


Head of English

Pre-Prep Department


Rebecca Farmer, BEd Hons (Camarthen)


Head of Pre-Prep, Reception

Rano Ahluwalia, Cert EYP (Open)


Classroom Assistant

Elena Fletcher, MA (Leningrad), Dip Montessori (London), PGCE (Brookes)


Form 2

Emma Hunt, BA (Oxford Brookes), PGCE (Exeter)


Form 1

Marie Merriman, Dip NVQ (3) (Cambridge Open College)


Teaching Assistant

Nursery Department


Nicolette English, HND (Sussex), Dip Montessori ADMTEI (Michigan, USA)


Head of Nursery

Katrina Somerville, BA Hons QTS (Oxford Brookes)


Nursery Assistant

Rachel Holt, BSc (Wolverhampton)


Nursery Teacher

Boarding Staff


John Robson, MA (Sheffield), BMus (Manchester)



Dominic Baillie, BA Joint Hons (Royal Holloway), PGCE (Gloucestershire)



Sophie Biddell, MA (Oxon), MSt (Oxon)



James Farmer, BEd Hons (Carmarthen)



Marcy Anderson


Debbie Pendell


School Chaplain


The Revd Philippa White, MA (Cantab)


Learning Support


Alyson Dunbar Morris, BTh Hons (Oxon), PGCE (Brookes) NPQH


Head of Learning Support

Assistant Music Staff


Anna Brunton, MA BMus LRAM LGSM



Eleanor Dunsdon, BA (York)



Greg Hallam, MA BMus LRAM



Martyn Jones, BA LTCL



Jessica Mogridge, GMusRNCM PPRNCM ARCM(PG) dipRCM(teachers)



David Palmer, BA (Oxon)



Chaiporn Pookhaothong, BMus RCM Dip TCM



Catriona Scott, BA (Oxon) MMus RNCM



Maki Sekiya, BMus (Moscow)



Nigel Somerville, BA LTCL ARCM (PG)



Connie Tanner, BMus LRAM



Penny Terry, Dip ABRSM Dip Ed



Katherine Tinker, BA (Oxon), MMus (RCM)



Michael Wilkins, BA (Hons) MMus



Trevor Williams, BA (Salford)



Kate Wilson, BA ARCM



Spike Wilson, BA (Oxon)


Cello/Double Bass

Administrative Staff

Samantha Berry


Headmaster's Secretary

Laura Kemp



Nicola Norris


Accounts Assistant

Sue Varney, BA Hons (Oxon)


IT Technician/Office Assistant

Catering Staff

Peter Kilby


Catering Manager

Samir Amraoui



Sinisa Ljubic



Olivia Manifo


Chef/Dining Room Assistant

Sergio de Souza


Kitchen Porter

Ancillary Staff

Mike Pritchett


Daniel Suraj

Minibus Driver/Maintenance

Joanna Basic

Cleaning Supervisor

Luciana Da Silva


Durcelia Rodrigues Bueno


Sharon Qualter