Our Boarding House is located at the heart of the School in the main building. We have pleasant dormitories where boys of a similar age sleep. We have a Common Room where our boarders can relax and specially cooked meals are taken in the attractive surroundings of the School’s Dining Room. 

The Housemaster  

Mr Robson is a graduate of the Royal Northern College of Music, where he studied piano and composition. Mr Robson has lived and worked in boarding schools continually since 2007 and has been ​a Housemaster at Christ Church Cathedral School since 2014.

Mr Robson recently married his husband, Harry, who is a ballet dancer working with Northern Ballet in Leeds.  Although working in different cities, Oxford is very much their home and Harry is still able to be a big part of life in our Boarding House, where his Nintendo abilities and baking skills make him a great favourite with the boys.   

The permanent House team comprises two Matrons, Marcia and Debbie, Miss Sophie Biddell (Director of Music), Mr Dominic Bailie (Form 4 Tutor) and Mr James Farmer (Teacher of English).   

Housemaster’s Message 

House Ethos  

My team and I are here to help our boys achieve their full potential in an environment in which they feel safe, valued and happy. There is a wonderful sense of family and community in our Boarding House.  As boarding staff, we try to take care of all the same things that parents do at home… sitting down and helping with prep, reading bedtime stories, playing games (and occasionally pranks) with each other and always being there for each other when we need to be.  What is particularly wonderful is watching how the older boys take care of the juniors and how they settle down like a big noisy family.  Nothing makes me prouder to see boys grow and mature over the years into kind, considerate, socially aware people ready to face the world.   

Parents and the Boarding House   

I have always taken the view that boarding at prep school is most successful when parents are given opportunities to be involved as fully as possible. We have a thriving WhatsApp group for sharing information and photos of the boys. This is an excellent way of keeping parents informed of the day-to-day fun and festivities of the House.  We also invite parents along to numerous events in school, such as boys’ birthday suppers, bonfire parties, chorister events and concerts, school plays, sports day and more. Parents are a vital part of our ethos to ensure that boys settle in and are happy. 

Why boarding?   

Here in the heart of Oxford, boys can immerse themselves in the history and culture of this great city.  As borders at CCCS, boys have access to the whole school, and playing fields, at the end of the school day, which affords them an enormous opportunity for fun and recreation. Boarding pupils often go on to a senior boarding school and boarding at our school means that they are fully prepared and equipped for all of the many challenges and opportunities such schools afford. I hope some of the skills and qualities they learn here will last a lifetime. 


For day boys, we now offer flexi-boarding from Monday to Friday.  This means that boys can board at CCCS during the week (or for part of the week) in a way that works for them and their families. Boys who wish to board on a flexible basis are still an integral part of the House and will be fully involved in our activities, instrumental practice sessions if they learn instruments, and supervised prep.   

Who might wish to board? 

  • Boys interested in attending a senior boarding school 
  • Boys whose parents work elsewhere 
  • Boys who wish to spend more time at school to focus on an aspect of work or music practice   
  • Boys who have friends who are already boarding and want to join them    
  • Boys that are interested in becoming a Cathedral Chorister  
  • Boys whose parents have engagements which might take them out of the home for an evening or two

Flexi-boarding offers a unique way of further accessing education at CCCS and achieving your potential in a way that is bespoke to you and your family’s needs. Whether it is for a one-off boarding experience or a regular boarding slot, we look forward to welcoming you into our happy community.   

 New Choristers Boarding Information Sheet

Guide for New Choristers