Cathedral Chorister Enhancement Fund

Support Us - Chorister Enhancement Fund.jpgChrist Church Cathedral Choir is almost 500 years old, yet it is justly famous for the youthfulness of its sound and its daring and adventurous musical programming. Throughout its history, the Choir has attracted many distinguished composers and organists - from its first director, John Taverner, appointed by Cardinal Wolsey in 1526, to one of the School’s most distinguished Old Boys (and Choristers), Sir William Walton.

Each Chorister plays an irreplaceable part in this world-class ensemble, which had recently been described in a Channel 4 documentary as "one of the finest choirs on Earth". 

Losing a Chorister is doubly damaging to our School; not only do we part with a gifted pupil and a valuable member of the School’s community, but an enormous loss is suffered by the Choir itself.

The School and the Cathedral invest in the Choir in so many ways and consider each Chorister a vitally important part of the Choir’s structure.  A potential loss of a Chorister is thus a truly devastating blow.

It is our fundamental belief that we have a duty to ensure the continuation of excellence in the Cathedral Choir by assisting Choristers whose families are unable to meet the remaining fees at any stage of their son’s school attendance. 

The current Choristers’ school fee is just under £12,000 per annum, excluding music lessons and other extra-curricular activities. 

Financial support at any level would bring us closer to greater financial flexibility and offer our Choristers the opportunity to continue to enjoy the very special advantages that our School offers.