World Book Day 2018

Posted on 7th Mar, 2018

Pre-Prep and Nursery Parade their Costumes on World Book Day.

Happy Whuppity Scoorie Day! Are you unsure what this is? Well, if you lived in Lanark Strathclyde you would recognise it as a lesser folk holiday when children scare away “Things That Go Bump in the Night’. Our Prep-Prep children could definitely have given any scary shadows a fright or maybe inspired them to pursue an alternate career. It was, of course, World Book Day!

Our children have been looking at their favourite books and thinking about why books are so important to us. With books so readily available these days, it is easy to take them for granted: we can download them to tablet or phone, visit libraries or purchase our own. Long gone are the days when books were only for the few and monks spent many hours writing them page for page, but the beauty of ancient manuscripts inspires us to remember the wonder than can be found in a book.

Many of the boys and girls dressed up as fictional characters from their favourite books, whilst others drew inspiration from factual books. The world of books not only offers us escape and thrills beyond the real world but also motivates us about our futures. The question, after all, is “What do I want to be?” There was a Flat Stanley, a Christopher Robin, a Peter Pan, a Gruffalo, and several Harry Potters, along with scientists, firemen, and even a battery. Nursery staff came as a fine trio of Mr Men, whilst Mr Murray was the Big Bad but hopefully-not-too-scary Wolf – except to the Three Little Pigs in the Front Office.


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