Worcester College Choir Tour to Germany

Posted on 10th Sep, 2018

In July the Worcester College Choir went on their summer tour to Thuringia, the 'green heart of Germany'.

On 14th July the Worcester Choristers flew to Germany for their summer tour, coping manfully with the stress of travelling at such an ungodly hour of the morning. We arrived in Thuringia - the 'green heart of Germany' - where the sun shone constantly and every town brimmed with so much history that you couldn't move without tripping over the haunt of some famous person. We performed in Pachelbel's church in Erfurt, dined at Schiller's favourite tavern in Bauerbach, visited Bach's birthplace in Eisenach, and saw the room where Luther translated the New Testament in Wartburg castle. There were concerts nearly every night, balanced with a carefully crafted programme of activities that made the most of the wonderful weather: hiking, canoeing, swinging through trees and hacking at each other with swords in the style of ancient knights.

There were almost too many special moments to keep count, but anyone's list would include performing mass from the gallery where Bach was a chorister, and getting to stay in our own medieval Castle (complete with moat). The concerts were packed with enthusiastic audiences, one performance was recorded for television, and the choir was so popular that the boys were applauded on the streets of Erfurt as they returned to the coach. A huge thank you must go to everyone who worked so hard to make the tour such a success, particularly Mr Allery, Dr Flossmann and Mrs Munchau.


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