Virtual CCCS

Posted on 27th Mar, 2020

Despite the lockdown occasioned by the Coronavirus outbreak, education continued this week at Christ Church Cathedral School. 

Pupils were asked to set up a classroom at home and then follow their normal timetable.  At 8.45 am, as normal, a morning assembly was broadcast along with a recording of an appropriate hymn, made the week before by a group of senior boys. Lessons then began in earnest with teachers sending boys material to be done during the course of the lessons. Communication occurred throughout the lesson, with teachers answering pupils’ questions and commenting upon their work. Work was then marked as normal. One parent wrote: “The fact that you laid out clear expectations up front, and are running exactly to timetable with check-in points for each class, helps enormously. My fears about having to stand over and ‘crack the whip’ have been totally allayed. I can get on with what I need to do while he is ‘at school’. Also the assembly, complete with hymns, is a brilliant touch that helps make it feel like ‘real school’ and I think keeps the school spirit up.”  Another parent wrote: “The virtual schooling allowed us to see how much fun my child has been at school and how much teachers care for our children with their hard work. Thank you again.”

Pupils were asked to send in photographs of themselves at virtual school and they were all published in the end of term newsletter. They are now having a well-earned rest before recommencing their online learning after Easter. The Headmaster has set them a challenge of learning a new skill or developing a new interest which will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Many will also be writing accounts of their time at home during the lockdown.

Despite all the current challenges, education at Christ Church Cathedral School is flourishing.


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