On Tour

Posted on 20th Mar, 2020

Just as 1916 was known as the Year without Summer this term seemed set to become the Hilary with no Play...

But by dint of the enthusiasm and hard work of the cast, the cheerful competence of the Form 8 crew, and the impressive can-do attitude of the five boys who stepped in last minute to fill the shoes of the missing, we did yesterday manage to achieve a performance at least to the school. 

The play is, as far as we know, the only play to be set in the People’s Democratic Republic of Linan – an authoritarian state where just to mention a certain date could land you in serious trouble.  A boys choir from Oxford, CCS (Clara Cantorum Schola), is on tour there – the first British choir to visit since 1990 – and we catch a little of their singing as the tour comes to an end in the town of Blaristak in the mountainous Province of Pindu.  We discover that Pindu was once an independent kingdom and that the local population, the Taslik, squirms unhappily beneath the repressive rule of the Lina.  And when two of CCS are kidnapped by some Taslik thugs, who demand a ransom of 50,000 Pipcoin

Well, ask your sons what happens: Fabula longa, Newsletter brevis.  Nor is there enough space to cite and praise in detail all the performances; but it was delightful to see such a large cast handling a technically challenging production with a gusto unclouded by the world’s confusion. 

And let us hope they take into adulthood the lesson that we should rejoice in living in a country where it is safe to say what we think.


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