Three Choirs Evensong

Posted on 9th May, 2017

Last weekend Christ Church Cathedral Choir was augmented by those of Magdalen and New College in a spectacular three-choir Evensong.

The massed choir comprised of more than a hundred choristers and lay clerks performing two staples of liturgical repertoire, Stanford in A and Parry, I Was Glad. Parry's famous anthem was first performed in 1902 at the Coronation of Edward VII when the director misjudged the timing finishing the piece before the incumbent monarch had even arrived...

Things went far more smoothly on this occasion! With the massed choir taking up most of the nave, space in the Cathedral was at a premium. In fact, there was not a single empty seat left available at the opening of the service, meaning that a number of people had to wait for seats to become vacant during proceedings.

Following rehearsal in the afternoon, our boys hosted afternoon tea for our guests in the Walton Centre. The fastidiousness of our boys' procession through Tom Quad in their distinctive gowns was not lost on many of our visitors with several commenting on the professionalism of our boys.

As a just reward for their hard work our boys had pizza and a movie in their Common Room, an experience which was made all the sweeter for the Forms 5 and 6 boys as the delivery man could not find the school resulting in considerably later bedtimes!

It was wonderful to see so many parents and staff supporting the Cathedral Choristers on this special occasion. Once again our boys have been at the forefront in serving their community by providing such remarkable musical accompaniment to worship and doing so in the spirit of collaboration and shared bonds.

John Robson, Housemaster


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