Thank you, Griselda!

Posted on 25th Nov, 2021

On Tuesday morning, school governor and prize-winning children’s author Griselda Heppel came and spoke to all of Year 6 about the wonderful world of story.

She told us about inspiration – and how you have to wait for it; about structure – and how you need it; about characters – and how they do not arrive ‘ready-made’ but form themselves as the narrative develops; about scenes and settings and trees and gardens – and how they morph between remembered reality and imagined fantasy.

I think it is safe to say that Griselda’s completely evident passion for her writing and for her three (thus far – more please!) books well and truly rubbed off on the boys.  And how good it is for them to see that behind every book they read, there is a writer, with pen or keyboard, thinking, sketching, plotting and planning… and gently smiling as Things Come Together!

After Griselda’s presentation, the boys answered and asked a range of excellent questions and by the end of our sixty minutes (distance run) we all had a really good understanding of the ‘behind the scenes’ working and thinking which go into making a Good Book.

Thank you, Griselda, and we look forward to seeing you again at CCCS.  Meanwhile, there’s reading to be done!


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