The Sound of Worcester Choir Music

Posted on 17th May, 2017

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning, as Choristers, Organ Scholars and Chorister Parents, both past and present, came together to celebrate the Choir’s former and current successes and share their special memories, experiences and anecdotes from years gone by.

Throughout the day, guests were able to listen to impressive solo performances by a number of current Choristers, enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by the School’s Chef Manager, Mrs Juggins (whose son, George, is a present Worcester Chorister) and go on an entertaining and informative tour of Worcester College conducted by Dr Matthew Cheung Salisbury, Chapel Warden and Lecturer in Music.  All the Choristers, both past and present, then gathered in the Chapel for a rehearsal, followed by a truly memorable Evensong.

A speech by former Organ Scholar, Mr Christopher Sparkhall, highlighted the many benefits of choristership, and choristers’ proven successes in their future academic and professional careers.  Indeed, the spirit of pride and gratitude was clearly demonstrated by everyone who attended the event, showing their deep affection for the Choir and their old School.

The event overall was a huge success, with plenty of joyous conversations and recollections, and indeed, the ever present music, which has remained a life-long passion for all those who came to celebrate its magnificence and, undoubtedly, shall continue to do so in years to come.


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