Our School Counsellor, Catriona Wellesley, gives her Tips for Surviving Lockdown

Posted on 5th May, 2020

Assembly on the Theme of Hope and Tips for Surviving Lockdown by Catriona Wellesley, CCCS School Counsellor.

Good Morning Everyone,

It’s a great pleasure to have an opportunity to say hello to you all and to say a few words about living in lockdown and good ways to get ourselves through it and stay positive.

Sometimes we can feel a bit helpless in this situation but we all have things we can do that will help others and help ourselves.  Most of us are at home with our families at the moment.  That can be a lovely thing and bring people closer but there’s always the danger of people getting on each other’s nerves.  It’s so important to be kind to one another, to be considerate and patient.  Adults have their worries too, so trying to cooperate with what you are asked to do is a big help.  Having fun together is important too, finding activities we can do together, looking for the humour in situations.  A good laugh each day helps to relieve tension. 

I know that most of you are doing a very good job of sticking to the school timetable and getting on with your lessons.  That’s one of the best things you can do – it helps you to go on learning and using your talents, it helps your teachers and it helps your parents.  Having a good routine of work, exercise and play each day will help you all to stay in a positive mood and stay healthy.

Hope is so important in this situation and there really is hope.  The older ones amongst you, I’m sure, will have been following the news each day.  We are past the peak of the pandemic, fewer people are getting ill, fewer people are dying.  We are all of us, by cooperating with the Government’s simple but sensible message to STAY AT HOME, SUPPORT THE NHS and SAVE LIVES,  helping this to happen.  We have to be patient, but better times will come again. 

It’s hard being apart from our friends and our normal activities.  For many of you, I’m sure, it’s hard being apart from grandparents, but as the Queen said in her speech to the nation “We will meet again”.  You might like to look up Dame Vera Lynn’s song, from World War II, and listen to that message of hope.  You might like to follow some of the television coverage of VE Day, 75 years ago on Friday.  That generation hung on to hope through hard times and we can all take inspiration from their courage. There will be normal life again eventually when we can see our friends and get back to the lives we love.

Focusing on other people helps a lot.  It’s so much better to do something to help a situation than to sink into worrying about it.  We’ve got some wonderful role models to follow.   I know you’re all very aware of Colonel Tom Moore.  He’s an example to us all.  I know that some of you, and some of your teachers, have been doing your own sponsored activities.  It all helps.  Thinking about anyone in need is helpful, maybe telephoning or skyping family, friends, or neighbours who are isolated alone.

Human beings are a clever species.  When something bad comes along we find ways around it.  One of the most hopeful things at the moment is the trial of a vaccine for COVID-19.  This is going on in Oxford at the moment, a cooperation between Oxford University and AstraZeneca.  They might know as early as next month whether it will work and be safe to be used by the public.

So, to sum up here are my tips for getting through lockdown:

Be kind to the people around you.

Have a daily routine and stick to it.

Work hard.

Try to have at least an hour of exercise a day, preferably something you actually like doing.

Pay attention to getting enough sleep and eating healthy food.

Stay hopeful.

If you are feeling a bit worried or a bit sad, make sure you tell someone - a parent or someone close. In children and young people COVID-19 is usually a mild illness.   An adult can help you to put it in proportion.  Don’t forget, you are welcome to be in touch with me if you want to talk things over.  You or your parents are welcome to contact me on my school email.

Good luck with this week.  Let’s hope it will be a positive one for us all and it won’t be too long before we will all meet again.


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