Inspired by Art, Inspired by Nature

Posted on 18th May, 2017

The Nature in Art Gallery and Museum, at Wallworth Hall, in Twigworth, is a relatively unknown jewel of an arts destination.

The collection, workshops and studio spaces are part of a small estate bequeathed to the Nature in Art Foundation which dedicates itself to educating people about, and actively conserving, wild animals and the environments upon which they are so dependent. The gallery and house themselves are works of architectural splendour, dating back in some parts to the end of the 17th century.

It was a great pleasure and a wonderful opportunity to take Forms 5 and 6 to see some of the most interesting and technically accomplished wildlife art and to participate in creative workshops as well. In the main studio space the first group of boys enjoyed creating some batik designs - an entirely new experience for most, if not all, of the boys. The end product was a selection of very colourful square cloth patches and some equally colourful hands.

A second group worked outside having listened to a brief lecture on the natural spaces and materials artist, Andy Goldsworthy, whose circles and towers of stones and ice have held silent testimony to the great power and beauty of nature for many decades now. The boys then scurried around the sculpture gardens collecting buttercups, daisies, pine cones, sticks and stones and began to create their own intriguing and rather beautiful homages to Goldsworthy.

The third group were taken around the gallery to see some outstanding paintings, drawings, carvings, casting, ceramics, prints and engravings of a very broad selection of animal life. Although I have been painting and creating now for the best part of 50 years, I still do not understand how some of these awe-inspiring artworks are created!

David Cotterill, Head of Art 




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