Forms 5 & 6 Visit Normandy

Posted on 8th Jul, 2019

Forms 5 & 6 boys had an amazing time walking through La Baie du Mont St. Michel. They braved quicksands, learnt about the fauna and flora of the Bay and admired the Abbaye standing at the top of the Mount before visiting it.  Such a walking introduction made the visit of the Abbaye very special.

Last July, our boys spent a week in Normandy, practicing their French while discovering Normandy.  This full immersion trip enabled them to be so much more confident in their linguistic skills.  The activity leader first explained the vocabulary needed before leading the activities entirely in French.  The boys enjoyed many different hobbies from cycling, to playing traditional French games, to trialling sand-yachting, to visiting Mont St. Michel, to seeing the Bayeux Tapestry.  It was a real success.  The boys’ highlight was crossing the bay on foot, braving the quicksands! In their words, ”C’était le pied!”

Who could have said that the boys would enjoy Sand-yachting in Hirel that much?  They had spent the morning in Dinan, buying their lunch at the market - in French, leaving them plenty of energy to race against each other.  So much fun!


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