Form 6 visit Cirencester and Chedworth Roman Villa

Posted on 7th Oct, 2019

Form 6 visited the museum at Cirencester, which is largely devoted to artefacts from Corinium Dobunnorum, one of the largest towns of Roman Britain and the capital of the Dobunni tribe, and possibly the capital of Britannia Prima when Britain was divided into four provinces.

The museum boasts some huge and high quality mosaics - indeed Corinium was a centre for their production - as well as a large array of artefacts representing all aspects of Roman British life, such as dice, brooches, altars, tombstones, and the largest Corinthian capital surviving from Roman Britain.  And there is an example of the intriguing ROTAS square, which may be a covert Christian sign. 

Afterwards the boys went deep into the Cotswold countryside to visit Chedworth Roman Villa, a large and obviously wealthy property which in the 4th century must have belonged to an important individual – perhaps Septimius, the Governor of Britannia Prima himself.  The site has a Nymphaeum (a water basin sacred to the Nymphs), two sets of baths, well preserved hypocausts and fine mosaics; and they were guided around by an 'old boy'  with the tie to prove it.  (He was here when the old Bursar was a fellow schoolboy.) 



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