Form 4's New Gibbon

Posted on 4th Mar, 2019

Form 4 have adopted a gibbon from Thailand.

Thanks to the exploration of former Form 4 pupil Dylan Akarlilar. Dylan is on a boat trip around the world this year and has gifted the school the chance to adopt a gibbon called Rumthai for the year.

Rumthai was born in the wild but was captured by poachers and subsequently rescued by GRP (The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project.) She has grown back to full strength and now lives in Thailand. However, due to her treatment by the poachers she can never go back and live in the wild.

To help, the GRP rely on the adoption of gibbons meaning Dylan has helped save the gibbons in Thailand by letting the school adopt one. Although the school won't be able to keep Rumthai, they have received some stickers, a leaflet and a fact-file on gibbons, including how to help GRP.


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