Dean Close Orchestral Day

Posted on 6th Oct, 2018

Director of Music, Miss Biddell, reports on an orchestral day hosted by the Carducci Quartet at Dean Close School.

Gaspard and Sebastian were excellent musical ambassadors for CCCS, as Sebastian found himself in the Advanced Strings section and Gaspard turned out to be the only bassoonist! Most of the boys' time was spent in sectional rehearsals, although they did sneak to the chapel to try the Nicholson organ at lunch-time. Our hosts assembled the tricky repertoire with great skill, and at the end of the day the children were joined by professionals and Dean Close pupils to give a concert in the theatre.
As Sebastian said,
On the 2nd October Gaspard and I went to Dean Close School for an orchestral day. There were many other schools including Pinewood and Wycliffe school. The orchestra consisted of about 160 people so it was quite large and very loud! It was a thoroughly great day which we enjoyed hugely. We played two pieces as an orchestra - the Dambusters March and Night on Bare Mountain by Mussorgsky. It was a great day which I would love to experience again.

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