Cooking Around The World

Posted on 1st Mar, 2021

Over half term Mme Loyer, who is running our weekly Cooking Club on Teams, set a challenge - Cooking Around The World. Boys were invited to create dishes from a country of their choice and submit photographs of their creations.

The boys were also asked to tell us of the recipe, describe the method of cooking they had used, how tricky the dish had been to prepare, and to comment on why they had chosen their particular dish.  This was an exercise in much more than cooking!  Cheese and beans on toast may not have much of a future here… The range of dishes dishes skilfully created was wide and varied, including: Australian Pavlova, French Profiteroles, Balti Curry, American Macaroni Cheese, New Zealand Pavlova, British Cottage Pie, Austrian Sacher Torte, French Crêpes, Italian Ravioli, British Butterfly Buns, French Viennoiseries, Swiss Tarts, Japanese Sushi, Brazilian Feijoada and American Waffles. 


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