Christ Church Wine Tasting and Cellar Tour

Posted on 12th Nov, 2021

Each term we arrange something for parents which allows them access to some of the treasures which surround us and which are not normally open to the public.

We were delighted that so many parents came to the Wine Tasting and Cellar Tour at Christ Church – it was a lovely event. Christ Church is quite an extraordinary place.

We were invited to taste various wines and during each of the tastings the Head Wine Buyer, who travels extensively around the world visiting vineyards and meeting the wine producers,  explained all about the growing of the various grapes used to make the selection of wines we tasted.  We were shown films of the vineyards and the production processes employed to make the wines.

Next, we were treated to a tour of the Christ Church wine cellars - which was fascinating! We saw stacks upon stacks of wines and ports, some dating back decades, and it was explained to us the importance of strict temperature, humidity and darkness control to ensure that the wines are at their very best and most drinkable, when served.


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