Charity Magic Show

Posted on 8th Mar, 2018

If you want to know how to conjure over £300 pounds out of thin air, you might want to ask Isaac.

Indeed, ask any member of ‘Phoenix Magic’ - CCCS’s up-and-coming magic group, featuring the tech and marketing virtuosos Henry and Jamie, sleight of hand craftsman Archie, Daniel on the ivories, and the master of misdirection, Isaac.

Just two weeks ago, this group of plucky choristers arrived at Mr Murray’s door with individually addressed tickets and letters of invitation, a rehearsal schedule, letters of intent, and posters, all in the hope of raising money for this year’s charity, Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Completely unaided (or, perhaps, unfettered) by any teachers’ help, these boys managed to pack out the Walton Hall on Wednesday with an excited buzz of students and parents, and organise a cake sale immediately afterwards. Mrs Stanley supplied homemade paw-print cupcakes, and Isaac was keen to push sales of a drink affectionately termed “The Full Shebang” (a lethal mix of hot-chocolate, whipped cream, marshmallows, and chocolate chunks).

Highlights from the show itself included the teleportation of a signed playing card into a sealed chocolate bar, Archie’s bisected torso, and (perhaps rather fittingly for a group of choristers) turning water into skittles. We could not be more proud of their tenacity and commitment. We also hope that this enterprising endeavour will inspire other boys to get inventing, in the hope of raising even more money for Guide Dogs!


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