CCCS World Book Day

Posted on 9th May, 2018

The rest of the world having celebrated their Book Day a couple of months ago in the depths of spring, CCCS put best foot forward and ushered in summer with our very own event on Wednesday

This term we were delighted to welcome the team from Blackwell’s Schools Department whose staff attended throughout and not only brought us the most wonderful selection of books but were also – along with Mrs Jo Virgin, who kindly came and joined us too – an invaluable source of knowledge and guidance for the boys.

A bookshop is a wonderful place and though we have every intention of taking boys across to Blackwell’s HQ in Broad Street from time to time, it is also marvellous to create our own tables and shelves of books, right here in the heart of the school.  Lovely to slow down for a minute, to browse, to chat and to choose.

At CCCS, of course, World Book Day is also a day of costume and colour.  This time each year group wore costumes themed to fit with work they are doing in English lessons and the day started off with an excellent assembly run by Miss Forristal in which actors offered excuses for late arrival and (obvs) non-appearance of prep in an ingenious variety of literary genres … a spy novel, a detective story, a sinister gothic introspection, an epic heroic narrative.  Meanwhile, Form Four were in Wonderland (aren’t they always!) with Miss Hunt and the warm and endlessly kind Mrs Green was unaccountably missing, replaced by a cold-hearted Snow Queen ruling over Narnia complete with small children, small animals and a not-at-all-small wardrobe.  And as for the staff, well they came as villains from across the world of literature … Count Dracula, Miss Trunchbull, Cat Woman, the Terminator, the Wicked Witch of the West and – which we in the English Department felt was especially worthy of merit and mention – The Head of Maths, no less, in character as The Third Man.  Polymaths R Us!

It’s great to have fun, great to have these special days at school.  But of course at the heart of the thing lies something of real importance: reading.  I hope many of you chose to make the day ‘screen free’ (more of this next term) for your sons … and if not, well it’s never too late to switch everything off apart from the imagination and some good music in order to immerse yourself in Other Worlds.


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