CCCS Raise Over £2,000 for ‘Oxygen for India’

Posted on 7th May, 2021

On Wednesday, Pre-Prep and Nursery blew bubbles for ‘Oxygen for India’.  While on Thursday,  Prep School danced to raise money for the same cause.

Pre-Prep and Nursery children blew as hard as they could to create the brilliantly coloured bubbles that drifted gracefully away. Great vats of soapy water had been prepared by the staff into which the children dipped their home-made bubble machines. Sometimes the breeze spontaneously blew through the taut string containing a film of soapy liquid, causing bubbles to fly off all on their own. One boy asked his teacher if we were going to actually take some of the bubbles to India, so the people knew we had been trying to help them.

Prep School boys, and their teachers, danced the 'Jeruselama' - nine sets of four minutes in total, which was excellent exercise. I couldn't help but admire the wonderful energy of the group and the enthusiasm with which they danced their way through the morning.  As ever, I was very struck by the way in which everybody put their own stamp (literally) on the activity, some gliding through the moves neatly and efficiently while others were flamboyantly throwing themselves into sequence as if it would change the world. In their small way, we hope, of course, that our efforts will change the worlds of some in India.

Mr Murray


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