CCCS Presents Cheque to SuchHope

Posted on 18th Oct, 2017

Henry Chitsenga, who runs the charity SuchHope, came to Assembly this week to talk to the boys about how the money they had raised would help children in Zimbabwe. 

On receiving the cheque for £2,835.39, Mr Chitsenga thanked the boys for their fundraising efforts last year. “The amount you raised might seem to you very small and a drop in the ocean but, remember, the ocean is formed with drops and this will make a real impact.”

Mr Murray said, “I am thrilled that the boys of CCCS have raised so much for Henry Chitsenga’s wonderful charity SuchHope which, as its name suggests, brings hope to the orphans of Zimbabwe. Henry described our boys as his ‘wingless angels’ - angels whose efforts have enabled 40 pupils to be educated for an entire year. What greater gift could be given to anyone than an education? I am delighted that we have been able to have helped such a noble cause.” 


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