CCCS launches films about the School where "Boys can be themselves"

Posted on 30th Nov, 2020

CCCS launched three short films this week – one about the Prep School, one about the Pre-Prep and Nursery, and one about the Cathedral Choristers – with the common theme that the School is a place where “Boys can be themselves”.

Speaking at the online launch on Monday, independent documentary maker Nick Poyntz, who directed and produced the films with Milla Lewis, said: “What I do when I make documentaries is I look for the truth of the people in the films. I am not a promotional film maker. I thought the most important thing was that this was a school where boys can be themselves and there is room for everybody.”

Mr Poyntz, who makes films for the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and US broadcasters, added: “I had never been to the School before but from the moment I walked in it was clear that it was a school the boys loved. It was full of music, especially singing; it was playful, full of learning and, of course, history. These were the elements that you could see the boys loved and which gave them a sense of identity because the School does have a magical history.

“Both Milla and I were impressed by the teaching and the teachers’ dedication to the pupils, and I think the Headmaster’s influence in the School is unique and of paramount importance. Our job was just to get the boys’ perspectives into three short films, to allow them to be themselves, and I hope as a documentary maker that is what we captured.”

Ivan, one of the pupils, interviewed by Mr Poyntz said “It felt very serious with all the equipment around me, particularly the moment when the Headmaster was holding the boom microphone above me, but it was much easier as you got going.” Dominic, who also features in the film, was nervous at first but said that the film makers had been “Very supportive by telling us how to do things right before we started.” Both boys were delighted with the films.

The films can be watched on this website -


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