CCCS 2021 Writing Competition

Posted on 20th Oct, 2021

Peter Frankopan’s New History of the World (which I can highly recommend) has taken a bit of a back seat these past several days as I have immersed myself in the approximately one hundred wonderful stories composed by the boys for our annual Writing Competition.

I have been absolutely astonished by the variety in their work, greatly impressed by its accuracy, absorbed in the many intriguing narratives and delighted at seeing so many windows opened into our pupils’ imaginations.

As I said to the boys in assembly on Monday, the wonder of the word as it is read and written is that unlike everything we see on our endless screens large and small, it is WE who have to create the pictures and thus it is OUR imaginations which have to flex.  And how very good it is to see so much of that happening here at CCCS.

To give you a flavour, here is a paragraph from the winning entry in the Senior part of the competition.  Read it out loud… I think you will agree it is (at least) as good as anything you’ll find on the shelf in a book shop.

Silas raced down the cloisters, pushing people to one side.  His boots clattered on the cobblestones, before he tripped over his own feet and tumbled onto the cold floor.  As he clambered up he noted the metallic tang of blood in his mouth.  He burst through the final door before the chamber which held the armour.  As he did so, he saw what was emitting the purple glow: a dark, shapeless thing in front of him.  Silas couldn’t quite work out whether it was a mist or a liquid, but either way two bright white eyes pierced him with a stare so cold it made him shudder.

You want to know what happens next? And what had happened before? Well, that is the magic of a good story. Well done, Dominic, and well done one and all.

Moving to the competition results, they are as follows:

Juniors: 3rd Matthew; Runner-up Navraj; Winner Rory.

Intermediates: 3rd Micky; joint Runners-up Sener and Trust; joint Winners Jonathon and Ben.

Seniors: A special prize to Kit; joint 3rd Jeremy and Zachariah; Runner-up Henry; Winner Dominic.

The boys who won their sections will receive prizes at Speech Day (a long way ahead, I know!)… and everyone else was kindly awarded generous book tokens by Mr Murray!


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