Cathedral Choristers Tour China

Posted on 10th Sep, 2018

Christ Church Cathedral Choristers tour China.

Heathrow had barely had chance to bid farewell to the Worcester Choristers, before the Cathedral Choristers arrived ready to start their two-week tour of China. The action-packed itinerary had us travelling by plane, ferry, coach and bullet train as we covered thousands of miles to perform in Macau, Nanjing, Jinan, Beijing and Xi'an. The boys quickly adapted to local customs, equipping themselves with fans and straw hats to survive the seriously stratospheric temperatures. They also proved surprisingly dexterous with chopsticks, which presented no barrier to their enjoyment of the ubiquitous buffet dinners!

In Macau we were generously hosted by a local choir, who received workshops with the choristers and joined them for a moving service at Sé Cathedral. In mainland China the choir performed to fascinated audiences in vast concert halls, some of which had space-age architecture and looked as though they might have just landed from Mars. Most exciting of these was the National Centre for Performing Arts, an extraordinary complex just off Tiananmen Square which is affectionately known as 'the Egg' for its sleek shape. Despite their hectic schedule the boys managed to make time to visit several museums and try their hands at haggling in labyrinthine malls. The chance to see the Terracotta Warriors on our final morning in Xi'an was an utterly unforgettable experience, although the warmth and kindness of the people we met made just as lasting an impression.


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