Arabella Wins 80 Plants for Nursery Garden

Posted on 24th Apr, 2020

Arabella has won 80 plants for the Nursery garden after entering a painting in an M&S competition. Four-year-old Arabella is excited about bringing the seed pots to Nursery and planting the plants in the garden once lockdown is lifted.

“I am very happy I have won 80 plants and when the virus has stopped, I want to plant all the plants with my Nursery friends together in the Nursery garden,” she said, adding that she intends to bring her pink floral tea pot from home to water them.

Last term Miss Nicky, our Head of Nursery, entered a picture by every child in Nursery in the competition to draw a garden. Arabella’s mother, Miss Chang, was so delighted to be told by M&S that Arabella had won. “I pray that those plants will bring a meaningful memory of the 2020 world pandemic to future generations of CCCS students, and remind us that the beauty of creativity within both nature and humanity will sprout from the sorrow we may have experienced during these indeed dark times.”

In the past few weeks Arabella has been doing lots of painting in her garden after Miss Chang decided to turn an open playhouse into an art studio for her. “I had been giving her marker pens to draw with inside but really she wanted to use paints, which I worried would be messy indoors,” said Miss Chang. “I thought: ‘Let’s do it outside! We have this playhouse so let’s just draw on the walls!’”


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