Nursery and Reception (Termly Fees for 2020/21)

For those pupils who are entitled to (the 15 hours free) Early Years Funding (subject to the School receiving the funding)


  With Funding Without Funding
4 mornings per week £1,441 £2,128
5 mornings per week £1,973 £2,660
3 full days £1,464 £2,151
Full-time £2,713 £3,400
5 mornings 1 afternoon £2,158 £2,845
5 mornings 2 afternoons £2,313 £3,000
5 mornings 3 afternoons £2,443 £3,130
5 mornings 4 afternoons £2,583 £3,270

Unfortunately, the Nursery can only accept Early Years Funding for 15 hours.  It is not economically viable to accept the further 15 hours that the Government have recently made available.


  With Funding Without Funding
  £3,143 £3,830

Additional Charges

After School Club
(Nursery until 4.30 pm;
Reception until 5.30 pm)

£10.20 (Per Hour)
Registration Fee for Admission Procedure £100

Cheques should be made payable to Christ Church Cathedral School.

Fees are due by the beginning of each term. Interest will be charged on unpaid fees of 2% per month. The Governors reserve the right to alter fees at the start of any term, having provided one term’s notice. One complete term's notice is required of a boy leaving the school before the end of Form 8, or one term's fees in lieu of notice. Notice must be in writing to the Headmaster.