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Religious Studies teaching in the School seeks to provide the pupils with a good knowledge of Christianity, its major beliefs and  its history as well as providing a secure understanding of the most important parts of the Bible. The School is rooted in the Christian tradition and, as a consequence Religious Studies teaching seeks to support and explain the belief system which underlies our way of life. In addition we study all the other major religions of the world, explaining their principal beliefs and practices. In Forms 7 and 8 there is an additional  focus upon the ethical dimension and many contemporary moral issues will be discussed. This allows scope for lively class debate and interesting and reflective writing.

In terms of the syllabus, the ultimate goal is the Religious Studies Common Entrance paper where pupils have one unit on the Old Testament, one on the New and then may answer questions on Contemporary issues and Buddhism.

The teaching is exciting and informative and no one should leave the School without a good knowledge and appreciation of the many religious faiths practiced in this country and an awareness of many major contemporary ethical concerns.