GEOGRAPHY New.jpgGood geography teaching develops a thirst for knowledge and that is the primary aim of the department at Christ Church.  Our boys are encouraged to question and come up with possible answers. 

‘Geography’ is the world around us.  It is how the city of Oxford developed.  It is why certain areas flood.  It is the ‘conflict’ between tourists and locals.  It is the location of Oxford Mini on the ring road.  It is the farming of the Cotswolds compared to East Anglia or for that matter cocoa bean growing in Ghana.

We encourage our boys to be citizens of the world in both their knowledge of its locations and their role as conservationists for future generations.  We encourage learning outside of the classroom and expect boys to know where they have been on holiday and how they got there.  Given the option of an atlas or satnav, we aim that they will choose the former because they are more confident with their ability than the technology of others. 

Throughout their time with us, boys have 2 lessons and a prep each week rising to 3 lessons when preparing for Common Entrance/Scholarship exams.  This preparation includes a fieldwork project focused on Lulworth Cove, Dorset. 

While the final grade is important it is only a reflection of what they have achieved up until that point.  Our true aim is that they take their geography studies further and remain open to a life using their skills.