Academic - ICT.JPGInformation & Communication Technology

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) plays a vital role in our pupils’ everyday lives and has become an essential part of our School’s curriculum.

All boys from Form 2 onwards take part in specialist ICT lessons with access to a dedicated desktop PC or other computing device (to include tablets and laptops) in the School's fully equipped ICT suite.  In addition, every classroom features an interactive SMART Board to enhance our teaching and learning.

Our day-to-day ICT teaching ensures that pupils leave the School with an in depth command of all major Microsoft Office software, including word processing in MS Word, mathematical formulas in MS Excel, and interactive slide presentations in MS PowerPoint.  Additionally, boys learn a range of other IT skills, such as Scratch and Kodu programming, Internet security, the importance of e-safety and how to make the best use of the World Wide Web.

Many exercises are presented by way of a game or are project based, giving pupils the opportunity to design, plan, organise and implement an entire task themselves.