At Christ Church Cathedral School all pupils have an opportunity to become involved inArt New.jpg Art activities once a week throughout the academic year.

By offering our pupils an opportunity to become involved in artistic creative activities we aim to:

  • stimulate pupils’ innate and natural creativity and imagination by providing visual and tactile experiences to help form a unique and personal way of understanding, recording and responding to the world;
  • further pupils’ development of understanding of colour, form, texture, and pattern;
  • promote an understanding of materials and processes to communicate ideas, feelings and meanings;
  • help form an understanding of the function and role of Art, Craft, and Design in their own lives and those of others at different times and in different cultures;
  • help pupils learn how to make informed decisions and judgements in aesthetics and in practical terms;
  • help pupils become active in shaping their own environment.

Amongst all of these aims and objectives is a strong belief that through Art, Craft and Design useful Life Skills may be imparted. It is hoped that these practical skills will serve pupils throughout their lives, whether it might be an informed understanding of materials and their uses, which glue might be effectively used in a variety of situations or how to thread a needle.

The development of organisational skills is central to these aspects of Art. Our class discussions centre on the choice of materials, sequencing of work, differing technical approaches and analysis of outcomes.

All of these incremental learning and understanding of aspects of working in the Art Rooms will hopefully create an independence in thought and action and enable  pupils in our care to take many life decisions with a greater confidence of success and satisfaction.

Art Week Exhibition

Please visit our virtual gallery by clicking the link below: