Prep School (7 - 13 years) 

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Our Prep School consists of six year groups: Years 3 - 8. There is an average of 12 - 15 pupils in each class.

Children in Years 3 and 4 are mainly taught in their own classroom by their own class teacher and attend specialist teaching for Art, Music, Science, D.T., I.T. and Games in other areas of the School.

‘Teachers are ‘most brilliant’ and ‘fantastic’, say CCCS parents’, Good Schools Guide 2021. 

Normal Prep School hours are from 8.25am (the gate opens from 7.45am). Prep Club for the Prep School runs from 4.15 - 6pm.  

Our strong belief is that if boys are allowed to be boys they will, ironically, mature more quickly.

If they are educated in a context where their imaginations are sparked, where their curiosity is engaged and where they enjoy themselves, boys will start thinking for themselves, they will work hard and they will care profoundly about the work they are doing. In essence they will succeed in all walks of life, most particularly academically.

Our boys learn to voice their views fearlessly; the way they learn to ask questions is the best way of learning how to answer them. We believe that pupils thrive when they are happy; they are happy when they are treated with kindness and consideration and when the expectations placed on them are high. To treat them otherwise is not to take them seriously.