Future Schools 

Future Schools Large New.jpgThe majority of our boys gain places in their chosen senior schools. We have good relationships with many of the heads and registrars of local schools and nationwide. Every year our boys gain entry to the best local day schools as well as to the country's leading boarding schools. Many of our boys are awarded scholarships and exhibitions, be they Music, Academic, Sport, Art or All Rounder.

We have dedicated members of staff in charge of both admissions to senior schools and academic scholarships. Their roles are to prepare boys for pre-tests and interviews and to coordinate the programme of extra classes which subject teachers offer for those boys sitting academic scholarships.

Our philosophy is that there is no one best senior school for everyone, but rather a best senior school to suit your son's individual needs and aspirations. When the time comes to identify that school, every parent will have an individual meeting with me. We know all the local senior schools well, along with those further afield, and without exception we have good relationships with their heads and registrars.

It is a matter of great pride that boys from CCCS are invariably hard-working, civilised, charming, successful and, above all, thoroughly decent people who go on to make a positive impression in their senior schools. I know that this reputation is justified because I have spent many years teaching in a local senior school to which many of our boys go.

Recent Leavers' Destinations & Awards


Abingdon School - 2 (Music Exhibition)
Bradfield College - 1 (Music Scholarship)
Cheney School - 1
Cokethorpe School - 1 (Art Award)
d'Overbroeck's College - 3 (Music Exhibition)
Eton College - 1 
Magdalen College School - 2 (Sports Exhibition)
Our Lady's Abingdon - 3 (McAuley Academic Scholarship, Double Music Scholarship)
Shrewsbury School - 1 (Music Scholarship)
St Edward's School - 2 (Stem Scholarship, Music Scholarship)
The Oratory School - 1 (Music Scholarship)
Winchester College - 1 (Music Scholarship)


Abingdon School - 1
Bedford School - 1 (Music Scholarship)
Chetham’s - 1 (Specialist Music Award)
Cokethorpe School - 1
Ealing Fields High School - 1
Magdalen College School - 2 (Academic Scholarship and Music Tuition Award)
Oundle School - 1
Our Lady's Abingdon - 3 (Academic Scholarship, Music Scholarship and Art Scholarship)
Radley College - 1 (Music Scholarship)
St Edward's School - 2 (Academic Scholarship and Music Exhibition)
The Oratory School - 1 (Music Scholarship)
Winchester College - 1 (Music Scholarship)


Abingdon School - 2
Cokethorpe School - 1
d'Overbroeck's College - 1 (Academic Scholarship)
Eton College - 1 (Music Exhibition)
Harrow School - 1 (Music Exhibition)
Magdalen College School - 3 (Academic Exhibition)
Our Lady's Abingdon - 1 (Double Music Scholarship)
Radley College - 2 (All Rounder Scholarship, Honorary Music Exhibition, Sports Exhibition, Academic Scholarship and Music Scholarship)
St Edward's School - 2
The Cherwell School - 1


Abingdon School – 4 (Music Scholarship)
Cokethorpe School – 1
Downside School – 1 (Music Scholarship)
Eton College – 1
Hailybury – 1 
Harrow School – 1
Kingham Hill School – 1 (Drama Scholarship and Music Scholarship)
Oakham School – 1 (Music Scholarship)
Our Lady’s Abingdon – 1 (Mathematics Scholarship)
Magdalen College School – (Academic Exhibition and Music Exhibition)
San Franscisco de Paula – 1
Shrewsbury School – 1
St Edward's School – 2 (All Rounder Exhibition)
The Cherwell School – 1
The Oratory School – 1


Abingdon School – 3 (Academic Scholarship and Music Exhibition)
Charterhouse – 1 (Music Exhibition)
Cokethorpe School – 1
Eton College – 1 (Music Exhibition)
Our Lady’s Abingdon – 3 (Academic Scholarship – Mathematics)
Radley College – 2 (Academic Scholarship; All Rounder Scholarship with Music Exhibition and Sports Exhibition)
St Edward’s School – 2 (All Rounder Scholarship with Music Exhibition)
The King’s School, Canterbury – 1 (Music Exhibition)
The Oratory School – 1 (Newman Music Scholarship)


Abingdon School – 1
Burford School – 1
Harrow School – 1 (Music Scholarship)
Kingham Hill School – 1 (Academic Scholarship and Music Scholarship)
Radley College – 1 (Music Scholarship)
Rugby School – 1
Sibford School – 1 (Music Scholarship)
St Edward’s – 7 (including Music Exhibition x 2, Douglas Bader Award for Leadership, All Rounder Scholarship)
Strathallan School – 1 (Music Scholarship)
The Oratory – 1 (All Rounder Scholarship)


Abingdon – 3 (including Music Exhibition)
Bloxham – Music Exhibition
Harrow – Music Scholarship
Leighton Park – Music Scholarship
Magdalen College School – Academic Scholarship, Music Scholarship, Sports Scholarship
Our Lady's Abingdon – 3 (including Academic Scholarship, Music Exhibition x 2)
St Edward's – 5
The Oratory – Music Scholarship
Winchester – Music Scholarship


Abingdon School, Our Lady's Abingdon, St Edward's
Academic Scholarship: Abingdon School, Our Lady's Abingdon
Art Scholarship: Abingdon School
Music Scholarship: Abingdon School, Harrow School (x2), International School of Nice, The Oratory School Reading, Tonbridge School
Music Exhibition: Eton College, Our Lady's Abingdon


Abingdon School, Leckford Place, Magdalen College School, St. Gregory's, St. Ignasi-Jesuites de Sarria (Barcelona)
All Rounder Award: Magdalen College School
Music Scholarship: Abingdon School, Bedales, Bloxham, Charterhouse, Purcell School
Music Exhibition: Our Lady's Abingdon, Magdalen College School
Sports Scholarship: Magdalen College School


Abingdon School, Kingham Hill, John of Gaunt Technology College, Leckford Place, LVS Ascot, Magdalen College School, Shiplake College, St Edward's
Drama Scholarship: St Edward's
Music Scholarship: Bloxham School, Duke of York's Royal Military School, Kingham Hill, King's Rochester, Stowe School, St Edward's
Music Exhibition: Abingdon School (x2)


Abingdon School, Aitchison College (Lahore), Bloxham, Cherwell, Downside, Leckford Place, Pangbourne College, Radley College, St Edward's
Art Exhibition: Magdalen College School   
Music Scholarship: Harrow School, Malvern College, Rugby School, Wellington College


Leckford Place, St Edward’s, Shiplake College, The Marlborough School
Music Scholarship: Eton College, Harrow School, Uppingham
Specialist Music Award: St George’s Harpenden, Wells Cathedral School  
Music Exhibition: Abingdon School


Abingdon School, Magdalen College School, Radley
Academic Scholarship: Abingdon School
Academic Exhibition: Magdalen College School
Music Scholarship: Bryanston School, Hampshire Collegiate, Malvern College, St Columba's College, Stowe School
Specialist Music Award: Purcell School,
Music Exhibition: Abingdon School, Eton College
Sports Scholarship: St Edward’s School

Kingham Hill School (Drama Scholarship and Music Scholarship)