Aims & Objectives 

Aims - New Landscape.jpgAt CCCS we are committed to developing and providing an environment that is stimulating, challenging and exciting and where pupils therefore feel fulfilled and confident in themselves.

We aim to get the best from every child in our School by setting high standards; through dynamic teaching; by focusing on the child as an individual and by ensuring that in all areas of school life there is a positive and encouraging atmosphere where achievement is a reality for all and where pupils learn to think for themselves and to acquire the skills of the independent learner.

We expect good manners and common courtesy towards all people in all situations and promote appreciation of and respect for difference: everyone here should feel valued and an important part of our community.

We believe that this can be most effectively achieved if there is a healthy partnership between the School, pupils and parents. As a school rooted in the traditions of the Church of England, we have, as a central purpose, the development of the spiritual and moral lives of our pupils with the corresponding expectations of behaviour towards others and to both the school and wider communities.

We also seek to encourage pupils to approach new challenges with confidence, not fearing failure but learning from it. Finally we aim to produce pupils who are resourceful, motivated, imaginative and reflective so that when they leave our School, they will relish the challenges of life and be ready to flourish at their chosen senior schools.


‘Christ Church School offers what the head calls a ‘unique educative experience’ that sets it apart from the other local options’ Good Schools Guide 2021.