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Wednesday, 18th October 2017


Dear Parents,

It has not been long since I last wrote but we have had a lovely few days since then, the School brimming with activity. On Friday morning Michael Windsor, the Headmaster of one of England's oldest schools, Abingdon, came to preach. He spoke about not concerning oneself too much with material things and followed the message of the reading in advising the boys not to worry too much. He advised us to live our lives to the full. It was lovely for him to meet those pupils who were going to join Abingdon next year as well as those boys who were taking their pre-tests the following day. He made it clear that he enjoyed very much the warm and close relationship between our schools.

Yesterday we had a theme day based on the decades of the Queen's reign; each form was given a different decade. The School was a hive of activity, every classroom full of colourful effort. Music too emanated from each classroom, very little of it, I am afraid to say, from before "my time". During the assembly at the end of the day, a number of the classes danced their way through some of the music of the appropriate era - I was impressed by how competent many of the staff were in this regard. It was not something which I had taken into consideration at their interviews. It was a thoroughly entertaining and instructive day.

Today I have had the pleasure of attending the Pre-Prep Harvest Festival during which there were so many beautiful songs sung. The enthusiasm was palpable on the faces of the participants, an emotion reflected in the appreciative smiles of their parents. The spread of harvest food being sold for charity was amazing - so much effort had been put into the preparation. I then sped out to the playing fields where I saw our pupils take on our local rivals, New College, I suppose the closest it gets to the Merseyside Derby! It was a great pleasure to see our first team win so handsomely, of course; in the other two games, though close, it has to be admitted that New College won. I suppose one has to be polite to one's guests. All in all it was a lovely way to end a very successful first half.

It is probably a good moment to say how much I have appreciated the efforts of our new members of staff, Miss Forristal in the English Department, Mr Waltho in the Maths Department, who is now kindly putting together the newsletter, and Mrs Williams, our new Teaching Assistant and Teacher of Junior French. They have added so much to the School in their different but equally impressive ways, along with all our tremendous new pupils in the School. Every year the injection of "new blood" brings more life to the School and gives it a slightly different character. I am delighted with what all the new staff and pupils have brought to the place.

May I thank them and wish you all a lovely break. I hope that you much enjoy the company of your children!

Mr Murray

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