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Wednesday, 17th October 2018


Dear Parents,

The first half of the Michaelmas term always ends with the Pre - Prep Harvest Festival which takes place in the North Transept of the Cathedral. Harvest is a celebration which our Pre - Prep and Nursery children seem to react to particularly positively. This part of the Cathedral is dominated by the gloriously colourful St Michael window which takes up the whole of the North wall of the transept. Today its vivid colours were perfectly reflected by the array of wonderful harvest offerings which was spread out underneath it. There was a wonderful combine harvester cake, a beautiful plaited loaf of bread and some huge marrows and carrots, vivid in their gleaming fluorescence. In front of the offerings, the children sang a hymn and danced and brought delight to the assembled parents who loved seeing their children celebrate with such unalloyed joy. Afterwards the carefully made produce was sold off in aid of charity - parents and pupils crowded round the groaning tables with great excitement, purchasing armfuls of vegetables and cakes. Everyone was happy and positive about the event and at a time traditionally associated with the counting of one’s blessings, I felt so fortunate to have been there, particularly after the lovely half term that we have had. May I wish you all a happy few days with your children; I have told them all to look after you. Let’s see what happens!

Mr Murray

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