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Sunday, 1st April 2018


Dear Parents,

I hope very much that your minds have now turned to Easter but thought I’d write briefly to wish you a very happy Easter. I said to the boys in the end of term assembly that Easter was a time of hope following the terrible events of Good Friday, events so memorably portrayed in the Cathedral Choir’s wonderful rendering of the St John Passion by Bach last Wednesday – an extraordinary occasion. I mentioned that in the Northern hemisphere, the message of hope found in the resurrection should be mirrored in the new life found in Spring as the plants and trees spring again to life, even though I had to admit that there were not as many signs of Spring this year as usual, in fact I’ve heard it predicted that another Beast from the East is on its way and hence Sunday had been dubbed “Beaster” this year.

Well so much has occurred this term and I hope that I have mentioned most of the major events, but I wanted to write briefly about the play “The Return of the Idol” which was written and directed by Mr Richards. It was a brilliantly colourful production featuring all manner of eccentric characters including an irascible east European museum director, an ancient scientist, a breezy carefree anthropologist, a mobile phone addict, an incompetent Government minister, and a large troop of chanting South Sea Islanders. It was all so inventive and engaging. I particularly want to thank here Mrs Torres Tatay and Mrs de Jong who provided refreshments, made costumes, and helped backstage, while Mrs Matthews and Mrs Fox kindly helped with makeup. Without them the play would not have been the triumph that it was. I really am so grateful to them and to all of the other parents involved. We are so grateful to the Parents Association for the huge support that they give to the school.

It was very lovely to see Miss Biddell in the final assembly of term. She was looking very happy to be in school again and is looking forward to accompanying the choristers to the USA after Easter. If everything goes to plan, she should be back at the beginning of next term; the school has not been the same without her.

I hope that you enjoy the company of your children over Easter – I was delighted by the positivity of almost every report I read; there is so much good work being done in the school and I suspect that the boys will be looking forward to rest and relaxation. I wish all the Form 8 boys the best of luck for this term as they attempt to mix rest and play with work in order that they acquit themselves as well as possible in their CE exams which will be upon us like a shot. Happy Easter to you all.

Mr Murray

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