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Friday, 22nd March 2019


Dear Parents,

I have been so delighted to hear about our football recently which has been going from strength to strength. Of course it’s most important that all our boys are participating in the game and enjoying it, but it has been so good to hear reports of a numerous recent victories and of our teams playing with real flair and organisation. Earlier this week, we took a Form 5 team to a tournament at Bruern Abbey where there were a number of prep schools competing. I was thrilled to hear that we won the whole tournament and our boys returned, sporting medals around their necks. Thoughts about David and Goliath spring to mind, though, as I understand it, we have not been using slingshots to help gain our victories. We have the most beautiful playing fields in England and it is lovely to hear that the beautiful game is being played beautifully upon them. Thank you very much to Mr Dickinson, Mr Potts, Mrs Dunbar–Morris, Mr Cotterill and all others who help with games so willingly and effectively.

Saying thank you is always an important matter and I want to offer the first of a series of thanks to someone who has served the school for very many years and who will be leaving at the end of the year and that is our Bursar, William McLean. William was a boy at the School himself. Like many of his contemporaries, he sang in the choir of Exeter College for whom we used to supply boys. Following a career in hotels and then as a school bursar at Douai, he came to Christ Church 17 years ago and has, since then, served the School loyally. Time for retirement has now come and we will celebrate his many years of service to the School at Speech Day. I cannot thank William enough for everything he has done for the School. I will write properly about his contribution at a later date. I am also very pleased to be able to welcome Laura Kemp back to the school. Early in my time she was Registrar but took early retirement. She has subsequently decided that she wished to return to the School and so is helping in the office. To some of you therefore, she will be a familiar face. It really is lovely to have her back.

Next week, on Friday and Saturday, we are putting on our annual School Play which, as ever, Mr Richards has written. I am certain, given what I have seen and heard, that it will be a thoroughly entertaining evening. Please, whether your son is in the play or not, come and support the boys who have been working so hard to ensure that it is a great success. The commitment that actors put into their productions always amazes me and I would love to think that this will be supported. Interestingly Mr Richards’ plays are performed at other schools and we are immensely privileged that we have on our staff someone who writes plays with individual pupils in mind. I am looking forward to the production tremendously.

Earlier this week, while standing on Brewer Street in the morning, I was told that a certain boy was now the “Alpha Male” of the School. “What has given him this status?” I asked “Oh Sir, he’s turned up to school wearing a pair of trendy glasses!” It’s interesting to hear what social priorities our School seems to have!

Mr Murray

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