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Friday, 1st December 2017


Dear Parents,

On Sports Day, when I decided to enter the competition the Headmaster for the Day, I never expected that I would become Headmaster for the Day. However it was announced in Assembly - sadly I wasn't there because I was in a piano lesson, but the moment I left the piano lesson, Mrs Ahluwalia told me that the boys had something exciting to tell me. All the boys in Form Two came rushing up and told me "Henry, Henry, you're the headmaster for the day!" I felt lucky at first but in five days I felt I didn't want to be headmaster for the day because I thought that I would have to write all of the ten pages of the newsletter and have a meeting with the other staff. A few days ago Daddy, I mean the old Headmaster, told me that I would be Headmaster on the Friday and I told him that I was hoping that he would forget, as usual. Now I am very happy that I won the competition because I have very much enjoyed the day.

First I greeted people at the start of school on Brewer Street. That got things off to a good start. Then my speechwriter helped me prepare my speech to give to the school and the parents in the Cathedral. When I spoke to the parents after the Cathedral they said that I had read the speech beautifully. For those of you who weren't there it went like this:

"Good morning everybody. I am the Headmaster for the Day. I have told the old Headmaster that I might make a few changes. I haven't told him what they are. I am very happy to announce that it's the Pre-Prep Christingle service today. I will now hand over to Miss Farmer."

I thought it important that you all knew what my message was. After that we saw the Photographer for the Oxford Mail who took some pictures of us in the Quad of Christ Church because it was such an important event. I particularly enjoyed thinking that I might be in the Oxford Mail, though I have already been in the Oxford Mail this term when I was in the Barbuda article, though my face was a bit blurred.

Then I went back to my school and went to greet the parents who were all drinking mulled wine in the William Walton Hall while they were waiting for me to return. I went round to speak to them all and they asked me what changes I was going to bring about. One of the boys had suggested to me that we should have a McDonald's restaurant in the school and someone else suggested we should have pizza so I'm debating which of these to introduce but will probably choose pizzas.

Then we went to Nursery where I read a story called "Mr Wrinkles" to the boys and girls. This wasn't a story about the old Headmaster but about an elephant who gets stuck in a hole. They enjoyed it, particularly as the elephant got out of the hole. We then went to Pre-Prep assembly where lots of boys got certificates, in fact 8 people in all. I had to give them the certificates while sitting on my chair. They had to come up to me to get their certificates.

Then I had to sign some letters that Mrs Stanley had prepared earlier, one for Mrs James thanking her for arranging for the photographer from the Oxford Times to visit, a second to Matron thanking her for helping all the people who had been hurt or unwell, and finally one for Mrs Green, my former class teacher, thanking her for all the hard work she had done for teaching us. I had to alter Mrs Stanley's words a bit because the last line said that I would catch up with the work missed today. My altered line, which is better, says that I will catch up with the work "if I need to." It's very important to thank all my staff when they have done good things. I have then had to write this letter which, as you can see, I have been concentrating on very hard.

Thank you very much for all your support and I hope you have been interested to hear what a busy life I have been leading. Have a good weekend.

Headmaster for the Day

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