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Friday, 18th November 2016


Welcome parents!

I’m sitting in the Headmaster’s office writing to you as the new Headmaster. My name is Jamie. The old Headmaster is trying to help me; he helped me to hand out the certificates for the pre prep assembly and he is now typing this letter though he is having difficulty keeping up with me. I am having a very fun time; I’ve missed some lessons. Mr Dickinson asked me if I had been sitting around doing nothing like the old Headmaster but I’ve been very busy. We think Mr Dickinson was probably saying those things because he was very cross with the old Headmaster for saying out loud in the Cathedral Assembly that he was very small. Mr Dickinson will have to be a bit careful otherwise I might have to sack him. Being Headmaster and having all this power has made me think about how to be a good leader. I’ve worked out that you have to be nice to people so that they want to do things for you but sometimes you have to be tough. We went to see Mrs juggins to say thank you for the cake sale which went well. We raised £250 – Mr Dickinson counted it all, though the gapper was there to help to make sure Mr Dickinson got it right. Mrs Juggins was talking a bit so I had to tell her to hurry up and get lunch ready. That’s what I mean by needing to be tough sometimes but it worked because she rushed off as quickly as she could.

The old Headmaster took the Cathedral assembly; he said he was very worried in case I made lots of changes or sacked him. He read out a prayer that I had written which you can read here:

“Dear God,

We thank you for our school and for all the nice teachers and other staff including Mrs Juggins who feeds us good food and for all our friends who go to school with us every day. Help us to be kind to one another and to work hard whenever possible and to do well at games and music and other things. Thank you for allowing us to have fun, for the times we have together relaxing and enjoying one another’s company. We pray for our school dogs for Thistle and Waffle and we hope that they have happy lives in the school and get lots of friends and pats and cuddles. Thank you too for our parents for being kind to us and looking after us every day.


We then went to have coffee with some of my parents. We talked to the parents who were very friendly and polite and told me that I was a good headmaster. The old Headmaster asked me what I wanted to do when I was older. I told him that I wanted to be a headmaster. He asked me which school I wanted to run. I answered Christ Church Cathedral School. He looked worried.

We then returned to school and went up to my office and asked my secretary to bring up my appointments for the day. We then went on a tour of my school and went to see Form Four. They stood up when we went into the room and then got on with their hard work. They were working hard because the new Headmaster was in the room. We then checked Nursery and they were having their break. We do allow our pupils to have breaks sometimes. We then attended Pre–Prep assembly where I gave out the certificates to people who had worked very hard. They had been doing work about the Great Fire of London and trying to imagine what the people would have saved. One person said that they would have wanted to have saved their Ipad; I think that’s very sensible. Someone else had written a poem about poppies and the First World War. He talked about peace – I approve of that.

We then met a new parent and then came up to write my newsletter; I was able to telephone my new secretary and asked her to bring up a hot chocolate. The former Headmaster wanted a cup of coffee – perhaps he was a bit tired and needed waking up because of our busy schedule.

I don’t think I have any more messages for you today; the parents of a good school like ours shouldn’t need too much advice.

I enjoyed being headmaster and hope that the school is a better place now. Have a good weekend and make sure you have a nice time with your friends and family.

Jamie, Headmaster, Christ Church Cathedral School, Friday, November 18th 2016

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