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Friday, 10th March 2017


Dear Parents,

Form 2's classroom has had some very special inhabitants for the last few days. They entered the room in the form of eggs and, to much sadness, left this morning in the form of 7 fluffy and well – feathered ducklings. Then a quiet tweeting was heard as they strutted around their newly discovered world. I suspect that it was this quiet sound which prompted me to choose a photo of these lovely creatures for my first "tweet" which I sent with a certain degree of nervousness yesterday. The discipline of restricting oneself to 140 characters is, for me, a real Lenten penance, prone as I am to verbosity. Nonetheless, it has been lovely to talk, however briefly, about some of the unusual and entertaining things which occur in this colourful school. I believe that my Twitter account address is included in this newsletter and I would be very happy for any of you to join my two current followers, allowing you to be members of an extremely exclusive club!

I had a lovely visit from Form 1 who came to visit me in my study. I happened to be passing their classroom when I was beckoned in. In front of me were pictures of a man sitting in a room doing various different activities; I was told immediately that this was me and that the room was my study. In one I was lounging back drinking a cup of coffee; in another something was being inserted into my open mouth – that's you eating chocolate. There isn't much that escapes the attention of a Christ Church pupil!

In another I was having an intense meeting with Miss Farmer; I asked what we were supposed to be talking about – "Whether boys should be allowed into the school or whether they should have to leave? " ..... and then another which showed me hunched over a screen. "That's you spending your time on your computer!" Em what an accurate summing up of the life of someone working inside in the early 21st century! Though it was clear from these picture that the Form 1s had a very accurate idea of what goes on in my study, I asked how many of them had ever visited it. Not many people admitted to having done so; I then invited them to come and visit and I was able to show them many of the things which I have in the room. They were delightful guests and my great hope is that when they visit again it will be to receive Headmaster's merits rather than admonishment.

This morning the Prep School went to the Cathedral for the termly School Eucharist. Many composers throughout the ages have composed settings for the communion service, normally called masses. Yesterday the Choristers sang a particularly stunning mass by Palestrina and I cannot commend to you more highly the experience of listening to the Choristers singing a mass setting which they do on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings. It was particularly exciting therefore to hear the setting sung by a mixture of the School Choir, the Cathedral Choristers and the Worcester Choristers in the service this morning. Not only did they sing so well but the music performed was written for them by Miss Biddell – it really is an extraordinary place.

Thank you so much to all of you who have taken the time to write to me about the inspection result; I was indeed very pleased with it but wanted to say, straight away, that it was only achievable because so many people came together; the staff were brilliant and I want to thank them very much for all they did to ensure that the inspectors were able to see the school at its best. I'm very proud too, of course, of our pupils and, let's face it, we wouldn't have any if it wasn't for our parents - and, in so many ways, the School would not be the place it is without its loyal and warm - hearted parental body so - thank you.

Mr Murray

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